Thursday, June 20, 2013

I Love Weightlifting... But really... Come on...

  So some people out there spend a few seconds each week thinking "I wonder what the hell Conner is up to". For those I will throw you a quick update before moving on. First, I'm opening a gym in Dallas with another Coach that loves this stuff as much as I do. It's going to be amazing. Second, CrossFit HQ takes their sweet ass time reviewing affiliates so we have to hold off before sharing the name. Third, the City of Dallas is basically a dark dark place that is there to crush hopes and dreams of ambitious young business owners. Every time I walk out of there I feel like I just got out of detention. The whole time I sit in the office I just want to do THIS. Either way things are moving and forward and we are going to change the world.... Or at least the part of Dallas that we are in.

  Now, moving on... It is important to know that when I say "weightlifting" I mean snatch and clean & jerk.

  It has been said that Weightlifting is 75% of CrossFit. I guess if you want to be literal this is correct. If you want to look at this from the standpoint of reality, its nonsense. This is Weightlifting... This is not. Don't get me wrong. Swinging a barbell over your head 75 times in 3 minutes if pretty damn impressive but it is obvious that it has little to do with weightlifting abilities or technique.

  People see CrossFit Games and Regional athletes with big Oly numbers and think "ohh thats what I need to do to get there".... False. There is so much more to it than that. Most of those guys and girls can lift very well. And do gymnastics very well. And row on a near elite level. And run fast as shit. And spend countless hours working on the little things that aren't sexy and that no one will ever see or notice. No one looks at a Games competitor doing aerobic rowing or airdyne intervals alone in the gym at 6 am and says "That looks badass, I wanna do that!". But that is the reality of the sport.

  The bottom line is, I see countless people that want to be good at the "sport" that spend at least half there time weightlifting when it is clear that there are other things that must be prioritized if they want to have success. It needs to be understood that you can snatch and clean a ton, but if you run a 9 minute mile you are relatively useless from a competitive standpoint. If you snatch 300 from the blocks at the hip but cant row a 5k without passing out then you just aren't going to be successful in the sport.

  At the end of the day, you need to take a comprehensive look at what it is that limits you and get in the way of you being as successful as you want to. Continually eliminate these limiters throughout the year with a systematic approach. If you need to squat more, then seek out a program and do it. If you need a muscle up, start developing that upper body pull. Prioritize what is important and be efficient with the time that you have. Qualification is separated by only a few reps/seconds at every level. The ability to take a real look at what you need vs what you are doing is going to make the difference.

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